Ontario Introducing Stiff Penalties to Combat Auto Theft

  • Car theft is a cowardly and often violent crime that can traumatize victims and communities who experience it.
  • That is why the Ontario government is cracking down on auto theft by introducing legislation that, if passed, would suspend driver’s licences for people convicted of the crime.
  • Those convicted of auto theft would face a 10-year licence suspension for a first offence, a 15-year licence suspension for a second offence and a lifetime licence suspension for a third offence.
  • Licence suspensions would apply to convictions that include aggravating factors such as violence, use of a weapon, use of force, threat, or pursuit of financial gain.
  • The new legislation would also ensure that anyone convicted of stunt driving receives a minimum mandatory licence suspension – one year for a first conviction, three years for a second conviction and a lifetime ban for a third conviction.