Building a Strong Ontario Together

  • Ontario’s population is rapidly growing, more good paying jobs are being created, and we are attracting investments in key industries.
  • At the same time, global geopolitical uncertainty, high inflation and the Bank of Canada’s rapid interest rate increases are weighing on our economic outlook for the remainder of this year, and into next year.
  • With these economic and global challenges risks, the choice for the road ahead for our government is clear: We must continue with our responsible and targeted approach to Build a Strong Ontario.
  • Our 2023 Fall Economic Statement provides our government with the flexibility needed to address the impacts of a slowing global economy, while laying a strong fiscal foundation for future generations. 
  • To support our growing communities, today’s update includes new tools that will help build more critical infrastructure that would not otherwise get built.
  • We are continuing to help workers save for their retirement, put money back in people’s pockets and make public services convenient and easy to access.
  • The road ahead will not be easy, but we have seen what the people of Ontario can accomplish together. And together, we can build a strong Ontario.